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International Marconi Day – Award Classes

 As in previous years the event will run for a full 24 hours with contacts made on HF only counting towards the award. All modes of radio communication are accepted towards the award and are actively encouraged.   Please note that VHF, UHF or contacts made with one of the current crop of Internet assisted modes, e.g. Echolink, will not count towards the award for IMD.

The Certificates are of a very high quality and are well worth obtaining to display on the wall of any Shack.    They are based on an original Marconi Stock Certificate Circa 1901 and are offered under the following categories:-


To establish  direct two-way communication with 15 of the official Award Stations from a fixed location,  mixed modes are permitted.


To establish  two-way communication with 12 of the official Award Stations from a mobile location,  mixed modes are permitted.


To establish  two-way communication with 15 of the official Award Stations from a fixed location, using  CW only.4. TRANSMITTING AMATEUR   –   Digital Modes

To establish  two-way communication with 15 of the official Award Stations from a fixed location, using Digital Modes only.


5. TRANSMITTING AMATEUR   –   Multi-Operator

An opportunity for Clubs/Groups at fixed locations to take part and gain the award by establishing two-way communication with 20 of the official Award Stations using mixed modes or  with 20 contacts using eitherC.W. or Digital Modes

Award for Transmitting Class


To log two-way communications made by 15 of the official Award Stations,  mixed modes are permitted.


To log two-way communications made by 10 of the official Award Stations using C.W. only.


Award for Listeners Class


As in previous years, it is suggested that transmitting amateur stations should log all two-way contacts heard between IMD award stations and other stations.   Even if they fail to establish contact with the stations themselves,  it will still be possible to claim the SWL award using a combination of heard and worked contacts. Nice touch to have both types of certificate on the shack wall too.


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Register as an Official Station for 2015

Please confirm as soon as possible using this method. If you are a group wishing to become an officially recognised award station for the first time please indicate this and provide details of the Marconi connection to be celebrated. Enter - Confirmation for IMD 2015 - as the subject please.

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